Get the results you want: Through accountability from weekly medical monitoring, you're more likely to successfully reach your goals.Diet options that work: Foods you eat on the program are low calorie and shown to help you reach your goals.Guidance to reach your goals: With ADC's weight loss program, we guide you toward your goal through education, low calorie foods and coaching.

Managing your weight & health risk

Here to help you reach your goals

We partner with HMR®, the leader in medically-supervised weight loss.

HMR® is recommended by thousands of healthcare professionals in prestigious clinics, medical centers and hospitals around the country.

The Weight & Health Risk  clinic program at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic includes:

  • Low calorie, effective diet options
  • Weekly medical monitoring
  • Weekly education classes
  • Individual support and coaching

What does medical monitoring mean?

Every patient in our program is medically supervised at some level depending on their BMI and health risks. There are three levels of supervision:

  1. Medically Supervised
  2. Intermediate
  3. Moderate

The level of supervision is determined at the time of the medical induction visit.

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